Qatar's Premier Events Production House

Impact Events was honed from over 40 years of international events expertise of its Managing Partner and affiliates. Offering complete events solution from planning and designing to execution and analysis, Impact Events specializes in the production of sets, stages, exhibition stands, festival structures and fitting out, by providing a wide range of services that create an experience out of the ordinary.

Indoor and outdoor set-ups for Fan Zones, including temporary stage structures, lounges, food kiosks and general sports events fitouts.

Bespoke build of exhibition stands, conference rooms, break out rooms and stages.

Customized stage sets and temporary audience seating for various events such as graduations, convocations, opening ceremonies, concerts, theatre and musical events.

Build of temporary indoor and outdoor structures for festivals, including lounges, food kiosks, offices, and ancillary services such as toilet fitouts and general branding.

Full fitouts of structures such as tents, offices, exhibition halls, to include ceiling, floors, walls, general lighting, branding and provision of customized booths and furnitures.

Build and fitout of audience tribunes


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